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Michelle Gomez

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Picture Name Location Industry  
Michelle Gomez Greater Chicago Area Confection et mode  
Michelle Gomez Baltimore, Maryland Area Arts  
Michelle Gomez Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area Industrie pharmaceutique  
Michelle Gomez San Francisco Bay Area Formation professionnelle  
Michelle Gomez, Phr Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area Hôpitaux et centres de soins  
Michelle Gomez Singapour Technologies et services de l’information  
Michelle Gomez Greater New York City Area Loisirs, voyages et tourisme  
Michelle Gomez Dallas/Fort Worth Area Compagnie aérienne/Aviation  
Elaine Michelle Gomez Malaisie Ressources humaines  
Michelle Gomez Bahamas Équipements collectifs  


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Psychobitches: Michelle Gomez and Rebecca Front's comedy heroes… and ...

Comedy isn't easy, especially for women in a male-dominated market – but Sky Arts series Psychobitches has bucked the trend by giving the fairer sex the spotlight. Now, these funny ladies are undoubtably an inspiration to other comedy performers – but ...


Doctor Who: Missy actress Michelle Gomez wanted for show return, says Steven ...

The character, a new incarnation of the Doctor's nemesis The Master and played by Michelle Gomez, was apparently vaporized at the end of series 8 – but Moffat wants the actress to reprise her role for the long-running BBC sci-fi favourite. "I've ...


Michelle Gomez on playing 'gender-switched' Doctor Who villian

The series has toyed on several occasions with the idea that Timelords like the Doctor and the Master can change their gender when they regenerate – with the most substantial confirmation three years ago – but it was the first time a main character ...


Doctor Who: Video Highlights from the Series 8 Q&A

Skinner asked Michelle Gomez if she went back and watched performances by past Masters in the series. She said that she decided to simply “do nothing” and just see what happened as she worked off the others on the show. She admitted this played really ...


'Doctor Who' actress Michelle Gomez talks about Saturday's episode, her ...

That is the question which has been troubling, perplexing, and generally bedeviling Doctor Who fans this entire season of the long-running British time travel show. As played by Scottish actress Michelle Gomez, the character of Missy has periodically ...


Doctor Who series 8 finale: From Roger Delgado to Michelle Gomez a look at the ...

With the Master now back, and as a woman, we're reminded of some of the crazy shiz this renegade Time Lord has pulled over the years. From Roger Delgado to Michelle Gomez, they've all got a little crazy in him/her. Dances to 'Voodoo Child' by Rogue ...


Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat says a female star will take on the timelord role

The 53-year-old showrunner is adamant the Doctor - who is currently played by Peter Capaldi - does not have to be a male, and he proved this by making villainous Time Lord The Master a woman - renamed as The Mistress and played by Michelle Gomez ...


Doctor Who: Dark Water, review: 'bone-rattling'

They were soon face-to-face with Missy (Michelle Gomez, camping it up with demented relish) in the Nethersphere, where she stored skeletons in watery graves. Except they weren't skeletons but the Doctor's old silver foil foes: emotion edited out ...


Doctor Who series 9: Missy will be back as Michelle Gomez confirms she'll ...

Gomez who played Missy, a new, female incarnation of the classic villain, told the latest issue of Doctor Who magazine the good news. When asked if she'll return next year she said: '”Yes” is my answer. I'll be back. Can I say that? Am I allowed? If ...


Face-Off: The Masters (Final)

In a Face-Off series Doctor Who TV is pitting the on screen actors to portray the Master against each other. In the last couple of polls you declared Michelle Gomez the top New Who Master with 48.32% of the vote. While Roger Delgado was voted best of ...



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Picture Name Location  
Michelle N Gomez Colorado Springs, CO  
michelle gomez CLINTONVILLE, WI  
Michelle Gomez FRESNO, CA  
Michelle Gomez  
michelle gomez  
Michelle Gomez  
Michelle Gomez Visalia, CA  
Michelle Gomez  
Michelle Gomez  
Danielle Michelle Gomez  


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