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Kirk Cameron

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Kirk Cameron to make Christmas safe for Christians

After having bravely made America safe for Christians, Kirk Cameron's newest movie, Saving Christmas, similarly promises to rescue the Christian holiday for Christians, delivering it from the continued terrorist assault by euphemisms. “Do you ever feel ...


Kirk Cameron's 'Saving Christmas' gets limited release

The company will release Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas in a limited run on Nov. 14. The Growing Pains actor, who has a long history of conservative activism and commentary, intends to put Christ back into Christmas with the film, focusing on the ...


Fuck Santa! Kirk Cameron's New Movie Gives Baby Jesus His Birthday Back

In other words, Kirk Cameron made a movie about how mean atheists and goat-people from the pit have banded together to distract America from the true meaning of the end part of December: What theologians refer to as Mother Mary's Big Squirt.


Kirk Cameron Allegedly Plots to Save Christmas from Heathens and Errant ...

Kirk Cameron will turn you all into Christians if it kills him. And if you think you're already a Christian, he'll make you better. Cameron's latest mission is to “put Christ back in Christmas”. Samuel Goldwyn Films will release Cameron's film Kirk ...


Kirk Cameron: 'I'm always going to make movies that I believe in'

Former child star and outspoken Christian Kirk Cameron discussed his faith and how it has impacted his acting career in a recent interview. Cameron was on the hit series "Growing Pains" in the late 80s, and went on to star in two films in the "Left ...


Don't Worry, Christians, Kirk Cameron's Here to Save Christmas

Well, you've got to love any movie with a character named "Christian White," who actually makes some valid points about the celebration of Christmas before Kirk Cameron tells him to enjoy himself and just buy some stuff at the mall or something. I ...


Hollywood Actor Says His New Movie Will Hammer Political Correctness and ...

Actor Kirk Cameron is taking political correctness to task this fall with a new movie that aims to deflate arguments regularly made against Christmas, while simultaneously pushing back against atheist activists' annual attacks on the holiday. In ...


Putting Christ Back in Christmas: Watch the Trailer for Kirk Cameron's 'Saving ...

I saw the poster for Kirk Cameron's new movie Saving Christmas earlier today, but held off on posting it, but now that the trailer has been released there is no sense in holding back any longer. The tagline alone - "Putting Christ Back in Christmas ...


Kirk Cameron is Saving Christmas in the trailer for his new movie

Alright everyone, here is the trailer you were all waiting for. The first Christmas movie of the year has unveiled a trailer! It is Kirk Cameron's SAVING CHRISTMAS! Okay, so maybe you weren't waiting for this one with bated breath, but this trailer is ...


Kirk Cameron: Christian actors should be held to a higher standard

Filmmaker Kirk Cameron is not one to shy away from expressing his religious beliefs. But how did an 18-year-old actor find God on the set of “Growing Pains” at the height of his success? "I think eventually if people are thoughtful you start asking ...



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Picture Name Location  
Kirk Cameron Glebe, Australia  
Kirk Cameron Sorell, Tasmania  
Kirk Cameron Hua Hin, 57  
Marie Kirk Southampton  
Joshua Kirk Siloam Springs  
Patrick Kirk Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
Hannah Kirk New York, NY  
Jim Kirk Philadelphia  
Lisa Kirk Oneida, NY  
Jeanette Kirk Nottingham  


33 results found

First 10 results

Picture Name Location Industry  
Kirk Cameron Roanoke, Virginia Area Computer Software  
Kirk Cameron Austin, Texas Area Online Media  
Kirk Cameron Yukon, Canada Government Relations  
Kirk Cameron Fort Collins, Colorado Area Computer Software  
Kirk Cameron Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand Construction  
Kirk Cameron Portland, Maine Area Computer Software  
Kirk Cameron Toronto, Canada Area Nonprofit Organization Management  
Kirk Cameron Colorado Springs, Colorado Area Environmental Services  
Kirk L. Cameron United States Information Technology and Services  
Kirk Cameron Ottawa, Canada Area Automotive  

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Picture Name Location  
Cameron Kirk  
Kirk M Cameron Colorado Springs, CO  
Kirk Cameron  
Cameron Kirk  
Cameron Kirkpatrick  
Kirk Cameron  
Cameron Kirk  
Cameron Kirk  
Cameron Kirk  
Kirk Cameron  


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