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James Cameron

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Picture Name Location  
james cameron Oundle, Northamptonshire  
Cameron James Dixon Cowes, Victoria  
James Cameron Arlington, TX  
Cameron James Russell Philippines  
James Cameron Seattle, WA  
Cameron James Clifton Hill, Victoria  
Cameron James Kuching, Malaysia  
Cameron James Montréal, Canada  
James Cameron-Morris Dover, UK  
James Cameron Sydney, Australia  


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James Cameron Explains How It's Possible For Aging T-800 Arnold ...

"I'll be back" isn't just a catchphrase, it's an inevitable truth. 30 years since he first traveled back in time and landed in our present day to deal with the Connors, Arnold Schwarzenegger will return for another crack at the franchise in next summer ...


Cameron wants to be a Kiwi

Film director James Cameron says he is preparing to permanently leave Hollywood for New Zealand and intends to apply for citizenship. Cameron, whose credits include Terminator, Aliens and Titanic, intends to spend less time in California and more on ...


Looking Back At James Cameron's 'The Terminator' On Its 30th Anniversary

The neophyte filmmaker of course grew up to be James Cameron, world-conquering director of both the number one and number two highest-grossing films of all time; the bodybuilder/punchline Arnold Schwarzenegger became the biggest star in the world ...


James Cameron explains how robo-Ahnuld is older in Terminator Genisys

It's been 30 years since The Terminator introduced audiences to Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic T-800 assassin sent from a post-apocalyptic future to destroy humanity's only hope for survival, and during a recent celebration of the film's anniversary ...


'Terminator's James Cameron & Gale Anne Hurd: Hasta La Vista To “Fear-Based ...

Jen on Genre James Cameron Terminator Shot for $5.6 million in 1984, The Terminator changed everything for Cameron and his fellow Roger Corman disciple and producer Gale Anne Hurd. The two have since carved their own influential paths – Cameron ...


How James Cameron Saved Guillermo del Toro's Father From Mexican ...

James Cameron's reputation as one of the fiercest directors in movie history has been widely publicized, but Guillermo del Toro will always revere the infamous filmmaker after it was revealed that, like one of the heroes that are usually central ...


James Cameron Casting 'Avatar 2'; Seeks Native Actors

Casting information has been issued for Avatar 2, the sequel to director/writer/producer's James Cameron's hugely successful 2009 film, and according to Native entertainment journalist Roscoe Pond, the filmmakers may want to fill some roles with ...


Deceit and dishonesty: Ben Bradlee gives the first James Cameron memorial ...

I would like to talk about government lying. Calculated lies. The wilful deception of the public for political end, especially under the disguise of national security, and what an awful price we pay for such lies under any name: misinformation ...


'Terminator' reunion with Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron planned for ...

terminator-reunion-30th-anniversary-james-cameron-arnold-schwarzenegger- The "Terminator" team is coming together again for a special screening at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles on Oct. 15. Star Arnold Schwarzenegger, director James Cameron ...


Cool Stuff: Art On The Films Of James Cameron, John Carpenter, Peter Jackson ...

James Cameron, John Carpenter, Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan & Steven Spielberg. You'd be hard pressed to come up with five names who, over the past few decades, have build better worlds on the big screen. Avatar, Halloween, The Lord of the Rings ...



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