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Debra Tate

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Debra Tate Talks About Sister Sharon Tate's Murderer Charles Manson And His ...

Pledging to fight to keep Charles Manson behind bars, Debra Tate has spoken out against her sister's, Sharon Tate's, murderer. Only 16 when her sister was killed, Debra has vowed to spend the rest of her life fighting against the cult leader's release ...


Sharon Tate's sister discusses Manson murders

Debra Tate spoke to The Desert Sun back in June about her sister's life, which ended on Aug. 9, 1969 when she and four others were murdered by Manson followers Tex Watson, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel. Sharon Tate, 26, was eight months ...


Sharon's Tate Sister Speaks about Manson Murders

"Sharon was my mother's world," Debra Tate, then 16, remembers. "And she was my sun and my moon and what I modeled myself after as a person." By mid-afternoon, as the temperatures rose, the girls' mother, Doris, sat down in the family kitchen to have a ...


Attorney May Try Subpoena To Pry Open Recording by Convict Who Killed for ...

Over the decades, Debra Tate has served as her family's advocate, traveling to parole hearings to speak against the release. of those convicted of the Tate-LaBianca murders. In 2011, Debra Tate shared the information with the District Attorney's Office ...


Sharon's Tate Sister debra Speaks about Manson Murders

The sister of Charles Manson murder victim Sharon Tate has described her elder sibling's killers as 'little creeps, nothing special' as she pledged to fight for the rest of her life to make sure they remain behind bars. Debra Tate was just 16 when her ...


Freelining with Mike Freeman: Happily forgetting Charlie.

(My own interest in reliving this grim story was sparked by Debra Tate's elegant book “Sharon Tate Recollection”, which is certain to generate a painful and tragic sense of what-might-have-been in anyone who sees the photos and follows the happy early ...


45 años del asesinato de Sharon Tate

La hermana de Sharon, Debra Tate, quien en ese entonces tenía 16 años, revive con dolor el episodio más doloroso de su vida, a través de un libro que el pasado julio se puso a la venta en Estados Unidos, 'Recollection', cuenta anécdotas de Sharon y ...


Aquellos 'locos enfermos' que mataron a Sharon Tate

Ahora, con el aniversario recién cumplido, Debra Tate ha decidido recordar aquel suceso con el que ha tenido que convivir desde entonces, una tragedia que sacudió la industria del cine y que ha mantenido en prisión a gran parte de los miembros del clan ...


Charles Manson et la "Famille" : "Ce ne sont que de pauvres types"

... leur remise en liberté, contre laquelle luttent les Tate depuis quatre décennies: «Ils n'ont pas de pouvoirs surnaturels, ils ne sont pas diaboliques, ils n'ont rien de spécial, ce ne sont que de pauvres types», assure Debra Tate dans le magazine ...


Assassinat de Sharon Tate : 45 ans après sa soeur témoigne

Il y a 45 ans, Sharon Tate, la star du "Bal des vampires", et l'épouse de Roman Polanski, était sauvagement assassinée par les membres de la secte de Charles Manson. Aujourd'hui, l'Amérique se souvient, et, en particulier la soeur de la star, Debra Tate.



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Picture Name Location  
Debra Tate Victoria  
Debra Tate Muskogee, OK  
Tassja Debra New York, NY  
Samantha Debra New York, NY  
Madelaine Debra New York, NY  
Aberrin Debra Kuching, Malaysia  
Miriam Debra Oegstgeest, Nederland  
Noko Debra Limpopo  
Lindsey Debra New York  
Maxime Debra Liege  


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Picture Name Location Industry  
Debra Tate Nueva York y alrededores, Estados Unidos Cosmética  
Pastor Dr. Debra Tate D.D. Cleveland/Akron, Ohio y alrededores, Estados Unidos Medios de difusión  
Debra Espinosa Austin y alrededores, Texas, Estados Unidos Gestión educativa  
Debra Tate Melbourne y alrededores, Australia Consultoría de estrategia y operaciones  
Debra Tate Dallas/Fort Worth y alrededores, Estados Unidos Telecomunicaciones  
Debra R Tate Birmingham y alrededores, Alabama, Estados Unidos Cosmética  
Debra Tate Estados Unidos  
Debra Tate Hibbler Jackson y alrededores, Mississippi, Estados Unidos Atención sanitaria y hospitalaria  
Debra Tate Ontario, Canadá Seguros  
Debra Taylor-Tate Wakefield, Reino Unido Recursos humanos  


10 results found