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Barrack Obama

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2 results found
Picture Name Location  
Barrack Obama Petaling Jaya, Malaysia  
Barrack Obama New York, NY  


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Barrack Obama : U.N. Security Council advices campaign against Islamic State

18 The members of the Security Council urged the international community, in accordance with international law, to further strengthen and expand support for the government of Iraq. U.S. and Turkish officials say talks are under way on allowing the use ...


President Obama Faced A Hilariously Embarassing Situation; Saved By First Lady

President Barrack Obama faced a dilemma of a different kind last month. His credit card was declined in a New York restaurant. The incident is told by none other than President himself, CBC News reported. He was speaking at the Consumer Financial ...


'That Don't Impress Me Much' These Little Guys Seem To Say When In The ...

The President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama, is surely the most powerful person on earth. He can influence nations and alter the outcome of wars, no matter where they are fought. Almost everyone who comes in contact with Mr. President ...


Janet Yellen: Class Warrior

Almost all of the income gains under Barrack Obama have gone to the top 5% in income. Her silence on this point shouldn't be too surprising because she has supported most of Obama's economic policies. She has also been a cheerleader of the Fed's easy ...


Congressman Loebsack Campaigns in Pleasantville

“How they disagree with one another, how Barrack Obama proposes something and the other side seems to almost automatically oppose it,” Said Loebsack “The same thing happened with George W Bush.” The students presented the Congressman with a ...


More layoffs in coal country

Perhaps regulations such as President Barrack Obama partnering with the Environmental Protection Agency to form a new rule to lower the effects that greenhouse gases have on the environment. The proposed EPA rule from earlier this year has three main ...


Narendra Modi, Barrack Obama have infused 'new energy' into ties

Washington: Suggesting that US President Barack and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had infused “new energy” into their stalled bilateral relationship, the New York Times wonders whether they can turn aspirations of “strategic partnership” into ...


Turkey refuses role in US arsonist adventure

Now a new coalition aims to enable U.S. President Barrack Obama to act collectively against ISIS and stop its members from swimming to the shores of U.S. and attack its cities, people and infrastructure. There is too much grand talk from the U.S ...


Obama Credit Card Issues News and Reveals: Obama Proves it happens to ...

So President Barrack Obama decides that he's going take his lovely wife, Michelle Obama for dinner treat at Estela which is a restaurant in downtown Manhattan. I am guessing the evening was filled with extremely savory meal and light talk and merriment ...


Dennis Miller's take on political landscape

He believes the die was cast in the last presidential election when Barrack Obama was reelected. “I think that last election was the time for it to swing back the other way,” he said. “I believe in elections and that election told me everything I need ...



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