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Alan Shepherd

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Freeze column: Another day of heat, rain and some sightseeing

It did have some cool stuff, like Wally Schirra's Mercury space capsule and one of Alan Shepherd's space suits. Not many people were there and most didn't stay long. The place was not kept up well, and the grounds needed lots of attention. They want ...


First moonwalkers splashed back to Earth 45 years ago

Alan Shepherd became the first American into space. John Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth. Then, on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became not only the first American, but also the first person, to walk on the moon. Eleven astronauts followed.


Former NASA employee remembers Apollo 11 takeoff

You know, we started in 61, Alan Shepherd flight, we started developing the moon rocket. I watched test firings here in the 60's, over 40 test firings were made of that booster, making sure it worked." Buckbee's hoping space history doesn't end at the ...


Remember the Space Race?

By contrast, almost a month later the American space program managed to get astronaut Alan Shepherd off the ground with a Mercury Redstone rocket, but his flight was only 15 minutes long and he did not orbit the earth. President John F. Kennedy sensed ...


After 45 Years: Space Race a Thing of the Past

One month later, the first American astronaut Alan Shepherd reached suborbital altitude and parachuted back to earth. “On the periscope, what a beautiful view," said Shepherd from far above the earth. "Cloud cover over Florida, three to four tenths up ...


Council leader calls for public support over travellers

Alan Shepherd posted on Facebook: “Travelling fraternity taking the mickey moving from one side of the loch to the other, rather galling that the councillors appear to be saying and doing nothing about it. “Forfar people are tired and sick of them ...


Taranto left a pitching legacy with 9 no-hitters

Even Life Magazine came to do a cover story, only to bump Taranto to the inside because astronaut Alan Shepherd became the first American in space that May. Steve Taranto, 10 years young than his brother, remembers the excitement whenever Chris ...


Marc Yacht: Happy Birthday America! More prosperity lies ahead

Alan Shepherd orbits in space. America catches up to the Russian space program. However, that pride turned to tears when Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy in Dallas. Congress enacted civil rights laws to curb discrimination ...


Moonwalk One

16 juillet 1969 : la fusée d'Apollo 11 décolle sous le feu des caméras emmenant à son bord trois cosmonautes américains en direction de la Lune. Qu'importe que quelques hommes (le soviétique Yuri Gagarin, puis l'américain Alan Shepherd quelques ...


Setelah 45 Tahun: Lomba Bidang Angkasa Tinggal Kenangan

Satu bulan kemudian, astronot Amerika pertama Alan Shepherd mencapai ketinggian suborbital dan kembali ke bumi. “Pemandangannya indah sekali melalui periskop," kata Shepherd dari jarak yang jauh dari bumi. "Awan menutupi Florida, sepertiga ...



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Picture Name Location  
Alan Shepherd Douglasville, GA  
Alan Shepherd Spokane, WA  
Alan Shepherd Camden Town, UK  
Alan Shepherd Unknown  
Ben Shepherd Melbourne, Australia  
Alan San Francisco, CA  
Shepherd Sibanda Bulawayo  
Shepherd Henan  
shepherd ndoro Unknown  
Shepherd Griffin Portland, OR  


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Picture Name Location Industry  
Alan Shepherd Derby, Verenigd Koninkrijk Vrije tijd, reizen en toerisme  
Alan Shepherd Dundee, Verenigd Koninkrijk Design  
Alan Shepherd Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina , Verenigde Staten Bouwmateriaal  
Alan Shepherd Preston, Verenigd Koninkrijk Computersoftware  
Alan Shepherd Frankfurt Am Main en omgeving, Duitsland Informatietechnologie en services  
Alan Shepherd Edinburgh, Verenigd Koninkrijk Milieuservices  
Alan Shepherd Guildford, Verenigd Koninkrijk Olie en energie  
Alan Shepherd San Francisco en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Bouw  
Alan Shepherd Ierland Productie elektrische/elektronische goederen  
Alan Shepherd Carlisle, Verenigd Koninkrijk Gezondheidszorg  

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Picture Name Location  
Alan Shepherd  
Alan Shepherd SPARTANBURG, SC  
Alan Shepherd  
Alan Shepherd  
Jonathan Alan Shepherd  
Preston Alan Shepherd  
alan shepherd  
Alan shepherd  
Alan Shepherd  
Alan K Shepherd  


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